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Aquacoin by Arnel Renegado


A coin freeze on a spectator's hand!

AQUACOIN is a simple gimmick that allows a borrowed coin to freeze on a spectator's hand.

Very easy to do
Borrowed coin
Fully examinable

  1. https://sendit.cloud/1kr61e5uxjgy
  2. https://sendit.cloud/0dsi5l6yy8zr
  3. https://sendit.cloud/fb7wg1pc3tf6
  4. https://sendit.cloud/srbnzj9hi84v
  5. https://sendit.cloud/ixh3p7h3tbvw
  6. https://sendit.cloud/ksu3a6sfp75v
  7. https://sendit.cloud/bnysof9zznjb
  8. https://sendit.cloud/w2hv4zykqgqm
  9. https://sendit.cloud/fpwhtmurc4jj
  10. https://sendit.cloud/m9kue74o38o2
  11. https://sendit.cloud/z987uwe92hp1
  12. https://sendit.cloud/jhk9tskmpyqf
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