This DVD will change the way you perform close up magic.

In this two DVD set, you will witness Tom Wright performing his number one set at high level corporate dinners. Naturally, this material, which has made Tom one of the most sought after magicians in Europe today is fully explained. However, that is not the real value in this project...

Tom reveals for the first time, his unique concept of 'Stand Up Magic'.

Follow Tom's philosophies and you are guaranteed:
More Attention From You Spectators.
Louder Applause.
Better Reactions.
A Standing Ovation At Every Performance!
As well as Tom's philosophies on Stand Up Magic, studio explanations are included for the following routines, including full performance patter and presentation:
Bottle Production With Your Shoe
Chop Cup Game Show
Card From Mouth & Card In Mouth
Bottle Penetration
Plus Tom's Ring On Rope routine as an extra little bonus.

Vol.1 perfomances

  1. https://uplod.ws/mo3hyxsw7jkz
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  10. https://uplod.ws/ceatfa4bimmk

Vol.2 explanation

  1. https://uplod.ws/xilgv8xybgpe
  2. https://uplod.ws/mbxpzyb4b1xh
  3. https://uplod.ws/jn2qz9ijypst
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