A favorite at the Magic Castle and A-list parties all over Hollywood teaches you how to amaze, up close and personal!

Brian Gillis and Sisuepahn (pronounced Sis-sue-pawn) have fascinated and stunned audiences with sleight-of-hand, mind-blowing mentalism and impossible feats of "body magic" for over a decade. Inspired by his remarkably accurate and highly entertaining fortune-telling grandmother, Brian took up magic as a hobby as an undergrad.

After college, he taught Psychology before his transition to full-time magician, having apprenticed under the great Eddie Fechter, a man considered to be one of the greatest close-up magicians of all time. Brian was named "World's Best Close-Up Magician for the New Millennium" on the television special The World Magic Awards.

Laotian-born Sisuepahn, known as the "Lady of Magic," displayed a natural flair for playfulness and puzzle-solving at an early age, and has since spent thousands of hours researching and practicing mystical techniques of mind-over-matter, unseen for decades. Combining her assiduous research with techniques taught to her by one of the greatest mentalists of the century, Eddie Fields, her total mental and physical control allows her to perform completely inexplicable physical feats. From competitors for the title "World's Strongest Man" to a 10-time world champion power lifter, Sisuepahn has proven to be impossible to lift when she imposes her will to be immovable. Her mysterious ability leaves audiences flabbergasted and howling with laughter.

What will he teach?

Coins travel from hand-to-hand faster than anyone can see.

Several people peek at cards and, after someone thoroughly mixes the deck, the thought-of selections appear one-by-one in the strangest ways.

The world's fastest sponge ball routine complete with an explosion of two dozen, or more, balls at the end.

Mentalism combining two great concepts to strengthen one another for two quick, guaranteed solid reveals.

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