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Halo by Brad Addams (Free)

A perfect party trick, especially if you don't take yourself too seriously. Make ANY balloon float with total control.

This one takes some confidence, but if you don't take yourself too seriously you're going to have a miracle on your hands most of the time. Yes, this one has angles to consider, but it's great for small groups of 3-5 spectators. And you're gonna LOVE seeing how well Brad performs it for REAL LIVE AUDIENCES in our supplemental live performance video.

Hand a balloon to a friend and ask her to blow it up. The take the balloon and do the impossible. As you concentrate, the balloon moves at first. Then a little more. And then, on its own, the balloon floats right out of your hand and up toward the sky.

You can let it float back down, or snatch it right out of the air.

As a kicker, you can then cause the balloon to pop through concentration alone.