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Mind Over Matter by Alain Nu (PDF) - 1€

That man is Alain Nu, the singular focus of a recent 4 part, hour-long series on cable television's TLC (The Learning Channel), which recently premiered in April of 2005, entitled, The Mysterious World of Alain Nu.
Onlookers are astonished at Alain's abilities to read thoughts, exhibit super memory and sensory demonstrations, bend metal, move objects without touching them and sense his surroundings while blindfolded! He'll make you see things that aren't t and feel things you can't feel. The impossible is made possible, and you're sitting right t Ride the waves of random chance; watch your friends be put under a spell; metal objects may bend in your hand, and he'll tell you what you're thinking...under hypnosis.

YOU'LL read the mind of another! Spoons will bend and twist like snakes! Self-fulfilling prophecies are made! Alain Nu has a style that is all his own. He's high energy. He's dynamic. Clairvoyance, thought control, synchronicity, and mind over matter. Alain attributes his amazing abilities to his secret combination of using psychology, probability, and good timing. You will bear witness to a most unusual collection of Alain's original repertoire designed to make people wonder and ponder about the potential of the human mind and its incredible possibilities. In this out of print book Alain Nu teaches: Peeks, Memorized card miracles,haunted cards,floating bill,parlour effects,Impromptu effects & "Bolas" Alain Nu's Invisible thread hook-up.(Looks like real Magic)!You will learn about 25 routines like animating house keys,eye glasses,some card miracles,predictions with cards,numbers ,words,etc. T are even some great parlour effects!YOU WILL NEVER EVER FIND THIS BOOK ANYW AGAIN!PS- His Card thru table is incredible! also taught in this book.