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Pulse Rate by Matt Mello - 1€

Guess anyone's HEART-RATE. A true reputation maker.

Imagine being able to walk up to someone, and without ever touching them or meeting them before, you can guess their heart rate. Guess different pulse rates for different people each time you perform it, and find that you're always correct! For mentalists and 'spiritual workers', this is an amazingly unique piece to add to your repertoire!

The principal can be taken further, in order to synchronize the pulse rates of two spectators, as well as predict many other thoughts!

Pulse Rate works beautifully alongside pulse stopping effects, and can be woven into nearly any pulse routine you already do. It also plays well as a prelude to any mind-reading effect, creating an interesting 'connection' with a person.

The effect is totally impromptu, assuming you wear a completely normal watch to track the time. Alternatively, you could use the stopwatch on a spectator's phone, or your own.

No Switching

No Guessing

No Pre-Show

No Stooges

No Index

No Gimmicks