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Singularity by Alvo Stockman - 1€

This advanced technique will give you the ability to perform the Invisible Deck with ANY ungimmicked pack of cards.

Imagine the ability to seamlessly perform the Invisible Deck effect with any standard deck of cards.

Using a BORROWED, SHUFFLED deck, a spectator simply NAMES any card. You go through the cards ONCE and the selected card is ALREADY reversed in the pack. That simple. That clean.

For the last 50 years, the Invisible Deck has been considered to be the purest card trick in the world. Its impact is evidenced by the sheer number of professional magicians who carry one around for anything from an "out" to a show-closing standing ovation.

Now you can ALWAYS have the invisible deck available no matter where you are.

No need to re-rough cards

No need to buy or carry special decks

You start and end completely examinable

No awkward beats